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  • Holly Ice

A Busy, Exciting July

What a month! I've been juggling my Courage Colony books and have seemingly kept everything aloft.

First I re-read Fatal Glitch and The Approach multiple times to get The Approach all set for the copyeditor and to make sure Fatal Glitch was ready for all of you on my mailing list to read. And so many people have picked up the book! I even received my first review for the book on GoodReads, which is so exciting.

I then got back to work on my first draft of book two, The Welcome, which is now past the halfway mark (yay!). I'm hoping to have a full draft by the end of August.

And in the last two days of July I received the edits back from the copyeditor, along with some wonderful compliments on my writing. I've made the changes from the edit already and am in the middle of formatting the eBook version.

Overall, July has given me just the pep talk I needed to make a big dent into the work ahead on this series.

Thank you, too, to all of you for supporting me as I release this new series! :)

Until next time!

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