A feud tore Shane's family apart. But why?

No one’s talking. But when Shane’s magic manifests, he’s thrown back into Wildes Witch Academy, and the same circles his family left five years before.

Love new adult urban fantasy with a touch of romance? Then you’ll love this series, because it’s full of sex, sorcery, and secrets.

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Bianca wanted a thrill. Maybe magic. Not monsters.


In an Edinburgh graveyard on Halloween, Bianca Nash is waiting for a monster to strike a deathblow. Instead, strange men appear, desperate for her to stick around.

Within days she’s forced on a plane to Latvia – and magic school. But her first student welcome comes with a glare. What does devastatingly handsome bad boy Shane McKee have against throwback witches like her?

The deeper Bianca gets into life at Wildes Witch Academy, the more questions she has and the more she has to hide. This school is swimming in secrets, but who can she trust to help her find the truth?

A Throwback Witch is the first book in a brand-new urban fantasy series featuring a strong, snappy heroine, a tattooed and deliciously bad-for-you hero, and serious romantic tension.

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System Nanites are a medical marvel. These tiny computers cure disease and heal injuries beyond a doctor’s skill. They save millions every year, and they’re broken.

Liana thinks the glitch is beneath her expertise. She’s focused on a fix for chronic overpopulation – terraforming nanites – while her fiancé dreams of a future in the stars. He wants to book a berth on a generation ship, and bring her with him. When nanites attack their hosts, they must make a choice: stay, or go? Without a cure, humans could be wiped out.

If you like impossible choices and dizzying stakes, then you’ll love this heart-wrenching prequel to Holly Ice’s page-turning Courage Colony books.

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Bullied, tested, dismissed. This hero won't give up.
Biological children are an unwelcome anomaly on a colony ship approaching its final destination. Shunned and bullied for the method of her birth, Errai Avila keeps her head down and hides in the ship's kitchen.

But when the captain calls for volunteers to explore their new home planet, she has a difficult choice: brave applying to gain the crew's notice and respect?  Or remain anonymous and ignored at her menial job?

Tension rises as the exploration team's controversial methods split the crew, and Errai's choice gets even harder.

How far will the dissenters go to get their way, and what can Errai do to stop them?

The Approach is the first book in a gripping YA sci-fi series. If you're a fan of The 100 and The Hunger Games, and if you like intense power struggles, difficult choices, and strong, intelligent heroines, then you'll love Holly Ice's Courage Colony books.

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What's next? I am working on book two in the Courage Colony and Wildes Witch Academy series.
More details can be found under News and WIP.