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In November 2019 I started work on this urban fantasy series. The books have a mystery at their heart but also a romance subplot, all in an academy setting.

The prequel A McKee Witch is exclusively available to my mailing list subscribers. Book one, A Throwback Witch, and book two A Dangerous Witch are both published and available on Amazon.

Book three will be published in 2021.

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In December 2017 I started working on a young adult science fiction series with a slow burn romance sub plot and a strong character focus. The story follows the lives of the people on board the only ship to escape the solar system when it became uninhabitable due to a glitch in nanites (tiny computers used to fix objects externally or to heal illness and injury within the body).

The prequel Fatal Glitch is exclusively available to my mailing list subscribers and takes place over 500 years before the main books. This is the apocalyptic origin story of how the colony ship left, and why civilisation within the solar system collapsed.  It therefore has a slightly more adult than young adult feel to the plot.


The Approach is the first book in the main YA sci-fi series and will be released on 1st November 2019. This book follows the life of 19 year old Errai Avila and is a coming of age tale as she learns to value herself and overcome bullying and prejudice.

Book two, The Welcome, will see a small group land on the colony's potential new home planet to assess its suitability. This book is currently in production and due to be published in 2020.

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A Fae Otherworld connects to our modern countryside, bringing all the dark creatures of myth...

I'm also working on a series of Fantasy novels with a mystery subplot.


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Book one, A Fae Rift, sets up the Fae introduction to the modern world. I am in the process of editing this novel. I have a complete draft, completed a rewrite to improve the structure, and am putting the book through additional editorial checks.



A Rift to the Otherworld has opened in rural Britain and the body count is rising. Arthur, an ancient Fae warrior, is broken from a spell-crafted sleep by Annie, who soon becomes his guide to the modern world. Together, they brave a ruthless enemy with no concept of mercy and a penchant for underhanded tactics. The world is teetering on the edge of supernatural war. Can these clashing cultures broker a deal, or will the Rift-towns become a bloodbath?