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In 2022 I'm working on a new urban fantasy series starring a fae main character with a hybrid heritage. The only father she's ever known was murdered, and she won't stop until his killers are dead. 


A prequel short story will be available in early 2022.

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This is a young adult science fiction series with a slow burn romance sub plot and a strong character focus. The story follows the lives of the people on board the only ship to escape the solar system when it became uninhabitable due to a glitch in nanites (tiny computers used to fix objects externally or to heal illness and injury within the body).

I'm working on book two, The Reveal, between other projects.

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A Fae Otherworld connects to our modern countryside, bringing all the dark creatures of myth...

I'm also working on a series of Fantasy novels with a mystery subplot.

Book one, A Fae Rift, sets up the Fae introduction to the modern world. I am in the process of editing this novel. I have a complete draft, completed a rewrite to improve the structure, and am putting the book through additional editorial checks.



A Rift to the Otherworld has opened in rural Britain and the body count is rising. Arthur, an ancient Fae warrior, is broken from a spell-crafted sleep by Annie, who soon becomes his guide to the modern world. Together, they brave a ruthless enemy with no concept of mercy and a penchant for underhanded tactics. The world is teetering on the edge of supernatural war. Can these clashing cultures broker a deal, or will the Rift-towns become a bloodbath?


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