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A feud tore apart my family. I'm desperate to know why.

And no one’s talking. But when an accident activates my magic, I'm thrown into Wildes Witch Academy, and the same circles my family left five years before.

Finally, a chance to find answers, but what if some secrets are too dark to be told?

Love new adult urban fantasy with a touch of romance? Then you’ll love this series, because it’s full of sex, sorcery, and secrets.


System nanites are a medical marvel. These tiny computers cure disease and heal injuries beyond a doctor’s skill. They save millions every year, and they’re broken. 

Liana thinks the glitch is beneath her expertise. She’s focused on a fix for chronic overpopulation – terraforming nanites – while her fiancé dreams of a future in the stars. He wants to book a berth on a generation ship, and bring her with him. When nanites attack their hosts, they must make a choice: stay, or go? Without a cure, humans could be wiped out.


If you like impossible choices and dizzying stakes, then you’ll love this heart-wrenching prequel to Holly Ice’s page-turning Courage Colony books.