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Fatal Glitch: Alpha Read #2

Image of book with daisies between pages

I kept to plan and worked on a rewrite for the sci-fi prequel Fatal Glitch this month, with changes based on the first alpha reader's comments and my own concerns. This consisted of a few stages:

1) Edit line by line on paper

2) Make paper edit changes to digital copy

3) Re-read edited scenes and tweak for mood and readability

4) Re-read edited scenes and add in additional scenes or change sequence of events where required

I've now finished stage 1) and 2) for all chapters. I'm hoping to finish stage 3) and 4) on the 2nd April so that the book is completely rewritten before the next round of feedback.

Speaking of, the next alpha read swap will be happening in April! I'm excited to have three more people read and leave helpful feedback on my book. As always, I'd like to hope my last round of edits has left the book in a good enough place that there will only be minor changes ahead, but we shall see. Busy days ahead.

Until next time!

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