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Fatal Glitch: Rewrite

It feels like Fatal Glitch has new meaning this month when we've hit twenty degrees Celsius in February - in the UK! It reminds me to get back into my edits too, so that's the plan for March.

I've spent a lot of this month making the most of the weather in the garden, getting it ready for spring and starting off seedlings indoors. I've also been reading and commenting on the novels of the two alpha readers I swapped books with. One has given me their feedback, which brings me to the rewrite...

Usually I'd wait for both readers to get back to me before I start on the rewrite but the first reader confirmed many of my suspicions about what could be improved in the book, and so I'm going to go ahead and make those changes while I wait for the second lot of feedback.

Essentially, the subplot is working great but the main plot needs fixing up to keep the reader hooked and increase the tension and personal involvement of the main characters. However, it should mainly consist of additions and tweaks to existing scenes, so hopefully shouldn't be a complete overhaul of content. Wish me luck.

Until next time!

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