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The Last Chapter: The Russian Sleep Experiment Novella

What's to come...

The final edit is done, the lights are dimming, the website to record this phenomenon is almost complete. This horror novella is coming... The experiment has begun.

The next few months will bring a series of images created by Daniel Tyka and short extracts from the novella to go with them. The website will soon be launched to feature the book and images on a dedicated URL. Be ready!

The Details...

A timeline will be put together between me and the publisher, Almond Press, in the next few days or weeks. This will keep us on the right track to release updates simultaneously and in tandem.

As mentioned above, sneak peeks are planned, as is the gradual, weekly release of new artwork by Daniel Tyka, commissioned especially for The Russian Sleep Experiment novella.

You will also soon see the spooky front cover, complete with a Soviet test chamber.

The next few weeks and months are going to be exciting and nerve wracking for me in the run up to my first long piece being published. I'd welcome any support or comments!

Image courtesy of Jacob Stewart under the cc 2.0 Generic license:

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