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Wildes Witch Finale

The last Wildes Witch book is coming!

I've struggled a bit with productivity after finishing off my co-authored series under my pen name, but I'm now back at work writing the first draft of A Rebel Witch - the third and final book in the Wildes Witch Academy series.

I'm excited to bring this series to a close with a mystery that has as many surprises as the first two books. This one will take Bianca and her friends on a trip to a small supernatural community in Greece, which basically means I get to stare at luscious tropical photos and imagine what it'd be like if I could visit.

My dad's reaction after telling him was "Well, when do you go?" which made me laugh. I love how supportive that is. Fortunately, I have been to Greece before, just not the specific island I'll be featuring in this book, so at least I'll have some experiences to guide me. But going to that pretty island would've been lovely. Sigh. One day, maybe!

I've also spent my writing downtime formatting the paperbacks for A Throwback Witch and A Dangerous Witch. The first is now available on Amazon. The second will be coming as soon as I finish up a few sentences in the back matter.

Getting the proofs for those was another huge milestone for me. I loved seeing how the chapter headings I'd commissioned looked, and how the feel of the book and series came together.

Next up after this, I'll be diving back into my sci-fi series to shine up the rough draft of book two.

Hope you're all doing well.

Until next time!


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