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My Short Story Made a Top 100 (or so) of 2014 List!

2014 by efi21 morguefile.jpg

It's a bit early for new year but I think celebrations are still in order!

Today I checked my twitter feed, only to find I have been listed on James Everington's website. He has listed me as one of his favourite 93 odd short stories of 2014. These are stories which "impress [...him] enough to make a note of it in the first place, and then still seem as impressive when [...he] whittled the list down for this post."

I am so honoured to be included and am happy to see that two of my fellow Newcon Press authors are also mentioned - Francis Hardinge for Slink-Thinking and Stephen Palmer for Palestinian Sweets. I can also see that the anthology all of these stories were featured in - Newcon Press' La Femme, was listed on James' recommended books and anthologies page.

I know I for one will be checking out who else rates on this list and seeing if I find any new favourite authors...but first I need to stop smiling like a loony!

James Everington is a writer himself and has been published more than a couple of times going by his extensive books and publications page. I know I'll be checking out his stories once I have a chance as well!

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