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Fatal Glitch: Beta Read

May is almost over but my hayfever is still in full swing *sniff*. Despite the itchy eyes and sniffy nose, I got a lot done this month.

Fatal Glitch's second rewrite was finished ahead of schedule and sent out to my lovely beta readers on May 15th. Three have reported back so far, and the feedback confirms that what I have appears to be a pretty strong draft. Here's hoping the rest of the comments are as positive. Everyone is due to report in by June 15th so I can get started on the beta rewrite.

The Approach also got some love this month. I amended the text to address all beta read comments from late last year. It's now just waiting for any final consistency changes from the prequel's beta rewrite.

I have also started to draft The Welcome, which is the second book in the main YA sci-fi Courage Colony series. I'd hoped to get halfway through this first draft before June 15th but I'm behind schedule at the moment. Unless inspiration and a writing marathon strike, a quarter of the way through the draft is far more likely. Still, good progress.

Not much else to report this month. I've been working on a few behind the scenes things to get my mailing list set up and ready to launch the prequel and book one later this year, but you'll see that once it's ready ;)

Until next time!

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