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New Website and Upcoming Goodies

Those of you keeping an eye on the site will have noticed a big revamp. It took me ages, but I'm beyond pleased with the result. The colour scheme and layout is much more professional and more in keeping with speculative fiction. Hopefully you like it too!

The major focus of the design is space. This isn't a coincidence. I'm currently spending most my writing time on a YA Sci-fi series tentatively titled the 'Courage Colony' series. More details are on the WIP page. Book one is very nearly a full draft and will be with alpha readers soon.

Aaaaand I plan on writing a prequel. My newsletter readers will get it for free! If that tickles your fancy, you can sign up ahead of time or wait for news. I'll advertise more strongly once the prequel is written and ready to go.

Since it's been ages since I last posted, I've also been blessed with more short story publications – all in the horror genre! Check them out on my books page. I'm excited to be in print beside such fantastic stories. :)

Until next time!

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