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2016 Horror Publications

I'm afraid I've been a bit remiss in updating this blog!

But the good news is...

Last year I was chuffed to find a home for two horror stories in anthologies edited by Matthew Cash.

The first, Death By Chocolate, was published in March 2016 by KnightWatch Press. Here's the blurb:

Chocolate. Some people crave it, some people hate it. It is given on many occasions, and used for many reasons. For celebration and for comfort, in good times and bad. This selection box brings you 14 treats from Edward Breen, Jonathan Paul Butcher, Calum Chalmers, Daniel Marc Chant, S.L. Dixon, Kayleigh Marie Edwards, Justine Johnston Hemmestad, Holly Ice, Christopher Law, Chris Moore, J.R. Park, Duncan Ralston, Mark Woods and the editor, with original illustrations by Holly Marie Smith, all enveloped in the deepest, darkest chocolate.

The second, 12Days Anthology, was published in December 2016 under BURDIZZO BOOKS and all profits go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust! It's full of seasonal and not so seasonal delights, with many stories focuses on the conflicts Christmas can bring.

Why not take a look and see if one takes your fancy?

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