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Alpha Read #2: Revisions

I'm over the moon with the feedback from the second alpha reader round. I had some extremely positive comments which I'll be holding onto while I make the final tweaks before the beta stage, comments that are likely to stick with me even longer.

Equally wonderfully, the revisions really will just be tweaks. All three readers found the book gripping and had only one larger scale thing to comment on which should be fixed relatively easily with careful foreshadowing. All in all, this book is a lot closer to publication than I had hoped.

I'll be making the remaining changes next week and have some beta readers signed up to read the book once it's ready (end of October 2018 to early November 2018). If their feedback is as positive, this book will be going to the copyeditor early next year.

While the beta readers are reading in November, I'm planning to tackle the first draft of the prequel to the series, tentatively titled Fatal Glitch. I'm tempted to participate in NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) to get the words down but since the book is likely to only reach 40K, it would be a shortened NaNo. I might try doing 40K over the 30 days, making it less of a challenge when I'm balancing writing with work. To be decided...

Until next time!

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