System nanites are a medical marvel. These tiny computers cure disease and heal injuries beyond a doctor’s skill. They save millions every year, and they’re broken.

A feud tore apart Shane's family. But why?
No one’s talking. But when Shane’s magic manifests, he’s thrown back into Wildes Witch Academy, and the same circles his family left five years before.


If a day came where all the monsters were real, I'd love it (as long as they weren't out to kill me). I write speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and horror) and I have an insatiable longing to be entertained by the unknown. To fill this need, I write about new species, cultures, frontiers, and strange mysteries. I also watch a hell of a lot of TV, from The Originals to Rookie Blue

A number of my short stories and a horror novella have been published by small presses. Currently, I'm working on a young adult science fiction and a new adult urban fantasy series.

Owl in header image courtesy of DarrellBirkett under 2.0 Creative Commons License: The contrast and colours have been changed and the background removed.