After about eighteen months in production, The Approach has finally landed on Amazon.

I'm so pleased to see the book available for readers to buy, and I'm even more pleased that I've had so many four and five star reviews within days of the book launch. My thanks goes to all my advance readers for helping with the launch, my alpha and beta readers for helping with production, and my new readers, for exploring this new world I've created.

Here's to hoping the rest of the Courage Colony series live...

I've spent September putting together launch plans and tinkering with the cover design for The Approach but now it's official: I have a cover, and The Approach will land on Amazon on November 1st 2019! I'm very excited. Also terrified. I sway between both emotions a lot. :)

Here's the blurb:

When nanites consumed our solar system, they killed every human they infected. Only one ship escaped. They named it ‘Courage’.

Errai Avila is the biological child of her parents, and shunned for it. She’s an u...

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